Jason M. Wagner

TI-500 Wedge

The TI-500 Wedge is an affordable and easy to use serial software wedge. It’s the perfect companion software for the Tanscell TI-500 Digital Indicator. Easily connect a scale with the TI-500 Digital Indicator to your computer and transfer weights via serial connection. The TI-500… Continue Reading →

You can rely on Indy’s local and dependable small business IT solutions experts.

Look no further for affordable computer repair in the Indianapolis area! Computer running slow? Printer refusing to print? You don’t have to put up with those frustrating computer problems any more. Call the local experts you can trust – (317)… Continue Reading →

We specialize in providing world-class small business support tailored to meet your needs. Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and ready at a moment’s notice to help you solve your tech problems.

What is Java and Do I Need It?

What is Java and do I need it? In my opinion, if you find yourself asking that question, chances are, you probably don’t need Java. So, just what is Java? Well, to put it simply, Java is a popular, feature-rich,… Continue Reading →

Using an SSH Tunnel + SOCKS Proxy to Secure Browsing

It seems nowadays that you can find open WiFi hotspots just about anywhere. That’s great for staying connected. However, I get really paranoid when using unfamiliar networks – especially open, unencrypted, networks. The thought of transmitting data in the clear… Continue Reading →

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