TI-500 Wedge Application WindowThe TI-500 Wedge is a simple, lightweight, affordable serial software wedge. This application lives quietly in your system tray and works tirelessly to capture serial device output and send it to your PC as keyboard input. The TI-500 Wedge is optimized for use with the Transcell TI-500 Digital Indicator, but will also work as a general purpose wedge for other serial devices.

Optimize your workflow and efficiency. Prevent “fat finger” typos. With the TI-500 and an inexpensive null modem cable, you can easily connect your scale to your computer. The TI-500 Wedge is the perfect companion to the Transcell TI-500 Digital Indicator.

Only $29.99

The TI-500 Wedge is built on the .NET 4.5 framework and is distributed as a standalone executable file. No commitment, no installer. Just delete it if you hate it.

TI-500 Wedge Demo

Want to try before you buy? No problem! Download TI-500 Wedge DEMO version. The demo version is fully functional and provides the same options as the paid version so you know exactly what you’ll get. The only difference is that the demo version prepends the string “TI-500 DEMO:” to the data being sent to your PC as keyboard input.

TI-500 Wedge Options

COM Port: 

Select from the available serial ports on the system.


Select the desired output mode. The GROSS, TARE, and NET options are designed specifically to parse output from the Transcell TI-500. These options will strip out any characters other than the numeric weight value and will send only the selected weight value to your PC as keyboard input. For example, if GROSS is selected but the Transcell TI-500 outputs only a NET weight, nothing is sent to your PC as keyboard input. This is useful for preventing a user from mistakenly recording NET weights when only GROSS weights are desired.

The specifics of each output setting are as follows:

  • Gross – Only a numeric GROSS value is sent to your PC as keyboard input. (TI-500 specific)
  • Tare – Only a numeric TARE value is sent to your PC as keyboard input. (TI-500 specific)
  • Net – Only the numeric NET value is sent to your PC as keyboard input. (TI-500 specific)
  • Numeric – Strips out all non-numeric characters and always sends remaining characters(numbers) to your PC as keyboard input.
  • Raw – The full, unaltered, serial data string that was received is sent to your PC as keyboard input. Useful for testing.

If capturing output from a serial device other than the TI-500 (or a TI-500 with non-default config): using the GROSS, TARE, or NET options may yield undesirable or unpredictable results. These options were designed specifically to interpret the default data that is output by the TI-500. If you’re using a serial device other than the TI-500, selecting NUMERIC or RAW may produce the desired results.

While the GROSS, TARE, and NET options were designed specifically to parse output from the TI-500 digital scale indicator, they may work for output from other devices provided the raw string being output matches the patterns output by the TI-500 digital scale indicator. For example the strings “GROSS 123 lb” and “123 LB GR” will both be correctly parsed by the GROSS option and will send “123” to your PC as keyboard input.

Automatically start capture…

Check this box to automatically start capture the next time the program launches. The last selected COM port and Output settings will be used. The application will minimize to the system tray on launch.

Tip: Create a shortcut to the TI-500 Wedge in your Startup folder and select this option to have the TI-500 Wedge automatically open and start capture when your computer starts.

Ready to Purchase?

Only $29.99

Need a Custom Solution?

Send us a message! We’d love to create a custom version of the TI-500 Wedge designed to meet your specific needs!

Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re having trouble, ensure your serial device comm options are set to the following:

  • 9600 baud
  • 8 data bits
  • no parity
  • 1 stop bit
  • no handshake

Use the RAW output option during troubleshooting to send the raw, unparsed serial data to your PC as keyboard input.

If the TI-500 Wedge isn’t sending anything to your PC as keyboard input, ensure you’re using the correct cable type. The TI-500 requires a null modem cable — not a straight serial cable.

If you’ve set the Output option to GROSS, TARE, or NET and you’re capturing serial output from a device other than the Transcell TI-500, be sure to read the above notes on those options. NUMERIC or RAW may be your best option.

Feedback and Support

Please submit your support request via our contact form to ensure delivery. This project was a quick and dirty solution to parse data from the Transcell TI-500 digital indicator and as such, it doesn’t have a lot of fancy options. I hope you find it useful, and you can think of some ways to improve it I’d love for you to send me your feedback.


This software is provided as-is, without warranty. The TI-500 Wedge is not officially sponsored or endorsed, nor is JMW Technology Solutions in any way affiliated with Transcell, Inc.